March 29, 2021 - 14:25 /

WKRP in Cincinnati was a surprise star of late 1970s and '80s TV. The radio station-set sitcom only aired for four seasons on CBS (1978-1982), but this run of episodes—and reruns—was a big hit with fans. 

The series was later revived in the early '90s with most stars returning for The New WKRP in Cincinnati (1991-1993). Let's take a look at where the cast of WKRP is today.

WKRP in Cincinnati: The Cast Today

Fortunately, nearly all of WKRP in Cincinnati's main stars are still with us today. Of the show's eight main cast members, only one has passed away — Gordon Jump, who died in 2003.

WKRP in Cincinnati: The Cast Through The Years

WKRP's main eight stars appeared in nearly all of the show's 90 episodes across four seasons. From Gary Sandy to Howard Hesseman and Loni Anderson, let's take a look at the cast through the years and find out what they're up to today.