• Zendaya and Beyonce are in talks on a new movie
  • They reportedly want to remake a Hollywood classic
  • It would be the 1959 film Imitation of Life

It looks like Zendaya and Beyonce are students of film history. The two superstars are reportedly "in talks" to remake a true Hollywood classic: Douglas Sirk's 1959 Imitation of Life.

Imitation of Life: Zendaya and Beyonce's new movie?

A movie insider told The Sun about the Imitation of Life remake. They say it could be an Oscar-worthy role for Zendaya, and that Beyonce is looking for a new film to act in. So this could be the one.

The duo previously collaborated on Beyonce's "All Night" music video. Next, they could take on Imitation of Life, which stunned audiences in the 1950s with its subversive portrait of American racism.

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