• Paris Hilton unveils first glimpse of baby London
  • In heartwarming family photoshoot
  • She shares the adorable pictures

Imagine a serene field, the sun setting in the background, and the Hilton-Reum family basking in the glow of their newest addition. Paris, in a stunning floral dress, cradles baby London, dressed in the softest pink with a bow that's just too cute for words. One-year-old Phoenix is the picture of toddler chic, and dad Carter Reum exudes fatherly pride. It's a snapshot of bliss that Paris shared with her millions of followers, along with a heartfelt caption that introduced London Marilyn Hilton-Reum to the world.

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"I’ve dreamed of having a daughter named London for as long as I can remember," Paris gushed. "I'm so grateful she is here."

But that's not all. Paris revealed that motherhood has inspired her latest musical venture—a deeply personal song titled "Fame Won’t Love You," created with the iconic Sia. It's a tribute to the irreplaceable bond she shares with her children and family, a sentiment that's sure to resonate with fans worldwide.

Fans go wild for baby London

The reveal was met with an outpouring of love and admiration from fans and followers. "London you’re the perfect little princess," exclaimed one admirer. The resemblance between London and Phoenix also didn't go unnoticed, with many commenting on the striking sibling similarity.

Paris announced London's arrival last Thanksgiving, sharing a photo of a pink onesie adorned with her daughter's name. Born on November 11, 2023, London's birthdate holds special significance, coinciding with her parents' wedding anniversary. It's a tale of love, family, and new beginnings that has captured the hearts of fans around the globe.

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