• Beyoncé's latest album is 'Cowboy Carter'
  • It has boosted sales in fashion
  • THIS is the story

NBC reports that sales of western style boots have surged over 20% since Beyoncé released her recent 'Cowboy Carter' album. The album marked the music superstar's first entry in the country genre. According to consumer behavior firm Circana, there were significant boosts to unit sales for western style boots even before the full album dropped.

What about that for influencing?

The Wild West aesthetic started to experience a surge with the release of the singles 'Texas Hold 'Em' and '16 Carriages.' Since the start of April, Boot Barn shares have shot up over 4%.

Also interesting:

NBC points out that the 32-time Grammy winner's most recent album comes amid a wave of cultural push for western-inspired styles...

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