• 'Bridgerton' recast a new actress for "Francesca"
  • Everyone is talking about this character
  • This is why the show has a new face

Petticoats at the ready, dear readers! 'Bridgerton's0 much-anticipated Season 3 is back, dazzling us with the intricate love labyrinth of "Penelope Featherington" and "Colin Bridgerton." But wait, there's more! A new belle is stepping into the spotlight, and she's not the "Francesca" we remember. Confused? Intrigued? You should be!

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Why the sudden switch?

For those who've been swooning over 'Bridgerton' since its debut, you'll recall Ruby Stokes as the original "Francesca." A star in the making, Stokes graced us with her presence before a thrilling opportunity with 'Lockwood & Co' led to her 'Bridgerton' departure. "I loved my time on Bridgerton," Stokes shared, leaving fans teary-eyed yet supportive of her new ghost-hunting adventures.

Enter Hannah Dodd, your new "Francesca" for Season 3! Known for her role as a young "Sienna Miller" in 'Anatomy Of A Scandal,' Dodd brings a fresh energy to the 'Bridgerton' ballrooms. "Filming it was absolutely terrifying," Dodd confessed, mirroring "Francesca's" debutante jitters. It seems life does indeed imitate art!

The Ton's verdict

As the 'Bridgerton' world whirls with this casting curveball, fans and newcomers alike are buzzing with excitement. Can Hannah Dodd fill the dainty shoes left by Ruby Stokes? Only time and binge-watching will tell, but one thing's for sure - 'Bridgerton' Season 3 is the talk of the ton!

So, dear readers, grab your tea and tune in to Netflix for a season filled with romance, mystery, and a dash of fresh "Francesca" flair. You're doing great, sweetie!