• Zendaya talks about kissing her co-stars
  • The attention she gets is "very odd"
  • She has steamy moments in 'Challengers'

Zendaya, the dazzling Euphoria sensation, is no stranger to the spotlight. But as 'Challengers' hits the theaters, it's not just the steamy scenes that are getting attention—it's the kisses. And Zendaya thinks it's "very odd."

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In a revealing conversation with Jake's Takes, Zendaya pondered the peculiar obsession with her locking lips on screen. "I know, it’s very odd," she admitted, echoing the thoughts of many who find the fixation a tad over the top.

The viral kiss conundrum

"Is it a viral chase, or just curiosity?" Jake Hamilton probed, questioning if society has lost the plot when it comes to distinguishing between an actor's job and personal life. Zendaya, ever the thinker, admitted, "I have no idea... But it is odd."

Zendaya , Josh O Connor and Mike Faist USA. Zendaya , Josh O Connor and Mike Faist in a scene from the (C)United Artists

Zendaya also touched on how 'Challengers' marks a departure from her usual roles. "I’m always in a high school somewhere," she shared, revealing her excitement and nerves about playing someone her own age. "It was refreshing... I hope people buy me as my own age," she confessed to Vogue.

Zendaya's final word: "This is Weird!"

Grateful for the conversation, Zendaya didn't shy away from expressing her bewilderment. "This is weird!" she exclaimed, appreciating the chance to voice her thoughts on an issue that clearly strikes a chord with her.

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