There's only one season left of Criminal Minds and after 14 years there are a lot of loose ends to tie up in the final ten episodes of the show. With the Season 14 finale in February 2019, an unforgettable guest star has been revealed via her personal social media for Season 15. That's right, you guessed it... it's Jane Lynch!

"Diana" is coming back

Jane Lynch will be back as "Reid's" mom, "Diana", one last time during Season 15 according to her twitter. We aren't sure what exactly she will be back for yet, but we can bet that whatever it is, it will be emotional for "Reid". Jane Lynch's character has been diagnosed with dementia and her health seems to slowly be deteriorating. The shows creator, Erica Messer, revealed to TVLine that Jane's return "is related to a revelation from the Season 14 finale," which we will see tonight. 

Hopefully we gain some insight soon on what is bringing "Diana" back to our screens. Whatever it may be, we are excited to see Jane Lynch back on Criminal Minds - happy watching Criminal Minds fans!