We have potential news and insight concerning the fate of "JJ" and "Reid's" future, if they even have one at all. According to TVLine, "word on the street [...] is that Matthew Gray Gubler's Dr. Reid will be getting a fairly significant love interest during the 10-episode swan song," this could either be really good news on really bad news depending on what team you're on.

Dealing With "JJ's" Marriage 

For fans who are pro-"JJ/Reid", this news might be rather disappointing however we can't forget that "JJ" is a married woman with two children and that needs to be addressed before anything is to move forward. Show runner Erica Messer touches on this when she says, "we deal with [JJ's marriage] in the first two hours of the final 10 because that needs some explanation and some tender care, really, to have her be fair to everyone," according to Cinema Blend

Waiting For The Season 15 Premiere

What is feared however is that in the meantime while "JJ" is figuring everything out, "Reid" finds a new lover that becomes rather significant in the show. We know no more details concerning this new woman, however it is said that no matter what happens, things will get resolved. They have to with it being the final season, don't they? All we can do is wait for the Season 15 premiere in the fall!