• The Duke of Westminster tops Britain's richest people under 40
  • He inherited the dukedom and family fortune in 2016
  • Hugh Grosvenor will soon marry Olivia Henson

Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster, is not just any groom-to-be. With a jaw-dropping net worth of over £10 billion, Hugh is Britain's wealthiest young bachelor - but not for long! The Duke is set to marry his sweetheart, Olivia Henson, in a grand ceremony at Chester Cathedral this June. "It's going to be the wedding of the year," a close friend whispered. And with guests rumored to include royalty, it's bound to be a lavish affair!

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From billions to the altar

Hugh inherited his fortune and the title at the tender age of 25, stepping into shoes filled with responsibilities and riches. The Grosvenor estate, with its global property empire, is the source of the family's vast wealth. "It's an honor to continue my family's legacy," Hugh once stated, showcasing his dedication to both tradition and philanthropy through his Westminster Foundation.

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The Duke's connections run deep into the heart of the British royal family, being godfather to none other than Prince George and Prince Archie. His upcoming nuptials have the who's who of the aristocracy and close royal friends buzzing with excitement. Will the King and Queen grace the event? The anticipation is palpable!

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