• Prince Louis celebrates his sixth birthday
  • The palace publishes a photo of him
  • The picture was taken by Kate

England is abuzz with celebrations as Prince Louis turns six on Tuesday. To commemorate the occasion, the British royals shared an adorable photo of the birthday boy, sparking immense surprise and joy among royal enthusiasts.

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Prince Louis' birthday photo: Taken by Kate

On Tuesday, a charming portrait of Prince Louis was shared on Prince William (41) and Princess Kate's (42) official Instagram channel. The little royal radiates joy as he smiles into the camera. However, what truly stirs excitement is the picture credit: "Princess of Wales", Kate herself!

CNN also reports, citing a source from royal circles, that Kate is believed to have captured the photo of her son at Windsor Castle just a few days ago.

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Princess Kate emerges: A cause for celebration among royal enthusiasts

Among the flood of birthday wishes from Royal fans worldwide, there's likely an even greater sense of relief and joy to see a sign of life from Louis' mother, especially after Kate's cancer diagnosis.

Concerns about the 42-year-old's health have been widespread, making it reassuring to know that she's still cherishing moments with her beloved children. In challenging times like these, family indeed takes precedence above all else.