• Graham Wardle exit 'Heartland' in season 14
  • He played "Ty Borden"
  • THIS is why he left

The cozy town of Hudson, Alberta, has been home to the 'Heartland' series' fans for 15 tear-jerking seasons. But, hold onto your cowboy hats, because we've got the inside scoop on the departure that left viewers reaching for the tissues!

A Love Story for the Ages 

"Amy Fleming" (Amber Marshall), the horse-whispering heroine of 'Heartland,' and "Ty Borden" (Graham Wardle), the ruggedly handsome ranch hand, had us all believing in true love. From besties to soulmates, their journey was nothing short of epic. But just as life on the ranch was looking picture-perfect, tragedy struck in season 14.

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The shocking twist no one saw coming 

In a twist that had fans gasping, the season 13 finale left us on a cliffhanger with "Amy" and "Ty" caught in a poacher's crossfire. While "Amy"s injury seemed minor, little did we know, "Ty"s fate was sealed. In the heart-stopping premiere of season 14, titled 'Keep Me in Your Heart,' Ty's unexpected collapse had us all on edge. Despite the rush to the hospital, the beloved character succumbed to deep vein thrombosis, a complication from his gunshot wound. It was a goodbye that no one was prepared for.

Nov 14 2009 Calgary Alberta Canada Actor GRAHAM WARDLE from the television series Heartland a

Why, oh why, did Graham Wardle hang up his cowboy hat? The actor spilled the beans in an emotional video, revealing his decision to leave the ranch after 14 years. He shared, "I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction." Fans were left with heavy hearts as Graham expressed his desire to explore new horizons and follow his heart's calling.

Heartland continues to gallop on Netflix, with seasons 1-15 available for binge-watching. But the question remains, will the show ever be the same without "Ty Borden"?