• When two famous actors meet, one expects them to have a wonderful future, this was not the case
  • Starting to date when you're already in a relationship is a recipe for disaster, which is these two stars' case

When Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met during filming in 2009, no one would have guessed how terrible this relationship was going to end.

Depp and Heard got closer in front of the camera and behind the scenes while filming The Rum Diary. However, both of them were in relationships at the time.

At the film premiere in London in 2011, the two actors seemed very close

After Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis broke up, he and Amber Heard only grew closer. They did not reveal their relationship to the public and did not officially announce their engagement in 2014.

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It was only made public by a conspicuous ring on Amber's finger. After that, the couple showed up together at public events. 

Their wedding followed in February 2015. Only the couple's closest family and friends were present for the wedding in Los Angeles and the subsequent ceremony in the Bahamas.

During their marriage, there were constant fights...

Watch the video above to get the full details of these two's journey together and eventual downfall.