• Keanu Reeves is a true acting legend. 
  • The Hollywood star has always been very attractive 
  • He has been a successful heartthrob since the 90s 

Keanu Reeves is a true acting legend. The world-famous Matrix films made him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood of all time.

His international breakthrough was in 1994 thanks to the movie Speed. Even as a young man he was extremely attractive.

Unlike today, he wore his hair short which definitely suited him back then

The Matrix star looks amazing with short and long hair 

Who can say no to that striking face and fit figure? As for Matrix, it wasn't just the plot that left a lasting impression, but also the main character "Neo" especially when he takes off his black glasses and reveals his striking eyes. 

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Also in other films where he has slightly longer hair in combination with his seductive gaze makes the actor look gorgeous

Keanu Reeves in a suit? Watch the video above to see how stunning he looks.