• Kelly Rowland scolded an assistant at Cannes
  • Here's the story behind her confrontation
  • The singer attended a film premiere

As Kelly gracefully ascended the steps, a sudden altercation with a security staff member caught everyone's attention. Contrary to the diva narrative, insiders reveal a different story. According to a source close to the situation, the security at Cannes was "being aggressive," pushing Kelly to her limit. "Kelly was trying to ignore it," the insider explained, "but by the time she got to the last woman, she had had it." The dispute erupted when the staff member rudely instructed Kelly to move, interrupting her moment with the fans and paparazzi.

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Kelly's stance? She's unapologetic about coming across as a diva, especially if it means standing up for herself. "She isn’t fake and wanted to set a clear boundary," the source added. Footage of the incident shows Kelly, visibly upset, scolding the staff member, a rare glimpse into the star's fiery side.

Beyond the red carpet: A pattern of self-advocacy

This isn't the first time Kelly has made headlines for standing her ground. Earlier in the year, she walked out of a 'Today Show' appearance, sparking rumors about her dissatisfaction with her dressing room. However, sources clarified that the walkout was due to "disrespect" from co-host Savannah Guthrie, who pressed Kelly on her relationship with Beyoncé rather than focusing on her new film, 'Mea Culpa.'

Cannes - Marcello Mio Red Carpet Kelly Rowland attends the Marcello Mio Red Carpet at the 77th annual Cannes Film Festiv

Despite attempts to spin the narrative, Kelly's team has been clear: they won't tolerate interviews that dwell on her past with Destiny's Child. Kelly is looking forward, determined to carve out her own path, free from the shadows of her past.

The final verdict: Diva or defender?

Kelly Rowland's recent encounters shed light on a woman who refuses to be bulldozed by the industry's expectations. Whether it's confronting aggressive security or navigating biased interviews, Kelly remains steadfast in her self-advocacy. So, is she a diva? Only if demanding respect and setting boundaries qualifies. In a world quick to label strong women, Kelly Rowland stands tall, a defender of her dignity.

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