• Mariska Hargitay adopted a new cat
  • She named it after Taylor Swift's hit song
  • Swift named her own cat in honor of Mariska Hargitay's 'Law & Order' character

Hollywood's beloved detective, Mariska Hargitay, has just expanded her family with a whiskered bundle of joy, and it's none other than a Siamese cat named Karma! The "Law & Order: SVU" star took to Instagram with a heart-melting reveal that's got the internet buzzing and Taylor Swift fans singing with delight.

"Karma is a Cat @taylorswift Meet Karma. My Cat," Mariska captioned, tipping her hat to the pop sensation's own feline-naming flair. Swift, who once named her cat Olivia Benson after Hargitay's iconic TV character, must be feeling the love right back!

With hashtags like #MeAndKarmaVibeLikeThat, Mariska's post is the purrfect blend of humor and homage. And let's not forget, "Karma" is also a chart-topping bop from Swift's repertoire. Talk about a double dose of star power!

Co-star Ryan Buggle (Actor) couldn't resist chiming in, pleading, "Please bring this baby to work." Who wouldn't want to cuddle with Karma on set?

When Mariska met Olivia: A tale of friendship with Taylor Swift

Flashback to 2015, when Mariska met the original Olivia Benson—the cat, that is. Taylor shared the epic encounter, whispering, "This is Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson." Can you handle the cuteness?

The tale of Mariska and Taylor's friendship is straight out of a storybook. From a fangirl moment at the Met Gala to a serendipitous ride home from a concert, these two have been fast friends. Mariska even rocked out in Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, feeling "super badass."

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But wait, there's a twist! At a recent 'Eras Tour' concert, Mariska caused a stir among Swifties. "It's Olivia Benson! I love you, Olivia Benson," fans cheered, while others were left scratching their heads, "Who's Olivia Benson?" Yes, folks, she's more than just a cat's name—she's a TV legend!

So, whether you're a die-hard 'SVU' fan or a Swiftie, one thing's for sure: Karma's got a fabulous new home, and we're all here for this celebrity pet love story!