• Melanie Thornton sang the well-known Christmas hit "Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)"
  • Unfortunately, the musician died far too soon
  • She died in a plane crash

No Christmas playlist should be without the hit holiday song "Wonderful Dream" during the Christmas season. Melanie Thornton (†34) will probably never be forgotten because of this song.  

The American singer of the holiday hit was sadly taken from life far too early and died tragically many years ago in a plane crash. The then 34-year-old had played a concert in Leipzig on November 24, 2001, and was then on her way to Zurich by plane. 

She had planned another live performance in Switzerland. Then came the shock: during the landing approach of her flight near Zurich, the plane crashed. As the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine' reported, 33 people were on board the ill-fated plane. The plane killed 24 of them.  

Melanie Thornton passed away on November 24, 2001

Melanie Thornton died in a plane crash

Among the victims of the tragic accident were also some of Melanie Thornton's employees.  

A huge shock for the fans. The death of the popular pop star triggered a wave of sadness. Melanie Thornton was not only successful as a solo artist. She was also part of the pop group "La Bouche", which enjoyed great success in the mid-nineties.  

Together with rapper Lane McCray, she got people dancing with Eurodance hits such as "Sweet Dreams" and "Be My Lover" and created a party atmosphere.  

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Melanie Thornton will always remain in our hearts.