• Naomi Campbell is a true beauty
  • But she also uses Photoshop
  • She overdid it this time

Naomi Campbell (52) probably shot herself in the foot with this recent photoshop fail...

Naomi Campbell: THIS went wrong with her new post

Naomi Campbell is a true natural beauty. The supermodel looked stunning at the 2023 Oscars. The 52-year-old posted pictures of the evening on Instagram, but they were not well received at all.

The reason for this is the exaggerated use of Photoshop on the model. She is hardly recognizable, especially in the first photo. Her face is unnaturally smooth and the proportions appear wrong. In addition, she has apparently edited her skin tone to lighter, as attentive followers comment under the picture.

A user writes: "1st pic is the worst photoshopped pic ive ever seen." Ouch! The comments don't get any better. "Please delete the first photo, you looked amazing without photoshop!!! You don't need to edit your photos!" writes another. 

Also interesting:

The followers agree on one thing: The Naomi Campbell in the Instagram photo is not like the one on the red carpet. In our opinion, the model doesn't need editing at all!