Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) are on their first royal tour at the moment. They arrived Down Under last week and the news that they are expecting their first child next Spring has spread like wildfire, since Kensington Palace announced it just hours after the Sussex's landed in Australia.

And the next piece of exciting news has now come along! The instagram fan account @Harry_Meghn_Up, has posted a video of one very loyal fan calling out to Prince Harry as he walked past that she hoped his first child would be a girl. The Duke of Sussex, never one to miss a step, immediately agreed with her, saying "so do I!" while continuing to walk along the bike path. 

If the Sussex's first born is indeed a girl, it appears she might just be named Harriet. The Sunday Express reported that a fan, whose baby daughter is called Harriet, introduced her to Harry and Meghan as they toured around Melbourne last Friday, and was delighted to hear Harry state that he thought Harriet was "a great name". Whether Harriet is really in the running remains unclear, shortly after the royal pregnancy was announced bookies up and down Britain claimed that Victoria was the current favourite and Albert and Arthur for a boy.