• Princess Beatrice's shares bedtime ritual with daughter
  • As she paid a surprise visit to schoolchildren
  • Her daughter Sienna is 2

In a heartwarming revelation that has charmed the nation, Princess Beatrice (33), the beloved King's niece, has given us a sneak peek into the magical bedtime routine she shares with her darling daughter, Sienna (2), and stepson Wolfie (8). During a surprise visit to West Thornton Primary School in Croydon, South London, the royal momma didn't just read to eager Year One pupils; she also shared the precious moments of storytelling she cherishes at home.

A royal surprise in Croydon

Imagine the wide-eyed wonder of Year One students as Princess Beatrice walked in, ready to dive into the world of "When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth" by Sean Taylor and Zehra Hicks, this year's Oscar's Book Prize winner. The visit wasn't just about reading; it was a celebration of imagination, learning, and the joy of books, something Beatrice holds dear, thanks to her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York, a prolific children's author herself.

Bedtime stories: A royal ritual

"It's that special quality time, that moment at the end of the day," Beatrice shared, highlighting the importance of ending the day with a story. It's easy to picture the royal household, where tales of adventure and wonder lull little Sienna and Wolfie into dreamland. But it's not just about the stories; it's about fostering a love for reading and ensuring books reach those who need them most.

Princess Beatrice, who has spoken openly about her dyslexia, calls it "a gift" and emphasizes the role of books in creating moments of community and connection. Her commitment to literacy is evident in her support for Oscar's Book Prize and its mission to get books into the hands of children everywhere.