• Reba McEntire has a son
  • She raised him while working
  • Here's what to know about Shelby Blackstock

Just one year after Reba McEntire married Narvel Blackstock in 1989, they welcomed their son Shelby into the world. Since then, Reba has known nothing but love for the boy, and shares some adorable details about his upbringing.

In 2022, Reba spoke to 'People' about her son, gushing about his role in her life.

"Shelby is a gift from God to me. We're very close. I was a very self-centered person to a degree before Shelby. But then there's a little character who you are given the job to protect and nurture and love and teach, so all the attention's not on you anymore," she says.

Reba McEntire and son Shelby Blackstock have always been close

Shelby was raised in Nashville until the age of 9, afterward, he went to live with his mother in New York. Reba McEntire had just made her Broadway debut in 'Annie Get Your Gun', but would soon move herself and Shelby to Los Angeles to film her iconic TV show 'Reba'.

"I had the best nannies, and I took him on the road with me," Reba McEntire said. "When I couldn't, I would fly home after a concert, get him up in the morning, take him to school and pick him up. We'd play until I had to fly out again for a concert that night. I wanted to be with Shelby. Still do".

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As an adult, after attending college for a few semesters, Shelby decided to start NASCAR racing. He also founded an outdoor clothing brand called Hartland. 

Shelby proposed to his now-wife, Melissa Branch, at Disney World in 2020. The pair tied the knot back in the Disney park in February 2022. Shelby now lives with his wife and their two dogs in Nashville, where he has since given up racing and embraced a quieter married life.