• King Charles was diagnosed with cancer
  • Palace insiders are very concern
  • He is sicker than we think
"King Charles is far sicker than the public thinks," a close friend disclosed, shedding light on the severity of the situation. Despite the grim outlook, the king is reportedly "determined to beat it," with every possible resource being mobilized in his favor. However, the optimism within his circle is tinged with realism about the gravity of his condition.

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Adding to the gravity, royal commentator Tina Brown has hinted at the strain this health crisis is placing on Prince William and Kate Middleton, who find themselves on the cusp of potentially ascending the throne much sooner than anticipated. The thought is said to be causing them "intense anxiety," given their desire to raise their children away from the relentless royal spotlight.

Operation Menai Bridge: A royal plan under review

In a move that underscores the seriousness of King Charles III's health woes, palace insiders have revealed that "Operation Menai Bridge," the codename for the king's funeral plans, is currently under active review. This comes alongside a document reflecting on Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, aiming to refine the protocol for the next royal departure. A former staffer admitted, "The plans have been dusted off," highlighting the urgency and focused attention on the king's condition.

Buckingham Palace broke the news of the king's cancer diagnosis in February, following surgery for what was initially believed to be a benign prostate enlargement. Since then, Charles has been under "regular treatment," with a brief hiatus from public duties. His resilience was on display during his first public appearance at Easter services, a poignant moment that also coincided with what would have been his mother's 98th birthday.

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