• King Felipe and Queen Letizia shower Leonor with love
  • Princess Leonor graduates from military school
  • They stand strong amid controversy

The day was supposed to be all about Princess Leonor's significant milestone at the General Military Academy, a path once walked by her father, King Felipe, from 1985-1988. However, the ceremony came on the heels of explosive claims by Jaime Del Burgo, Queen Letizia's former brother-in-law, reigniting rumors of an 'affair' post her marriage to the King. Del Burgo, who has a history with the Queen dating back to her days as a newsreader, stirred the pot in an interview with Argentinian newspaper Clarín, suggesting ongoing contact with the royal.

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Despite these allegations, the royal family presented a united front. King Felipe's proud smile as he pinned a badge on his daughter's uniform and Queen Letizia's warm embrace spoke volumes of their focus - celebrating Leonor's achievements.

Princess Leonor's journey and the royal response

Princess Leonor's journey at the Zaragoza military academy is just beginning, with a rigorous three-year training ahead. The future Queen, now an ensign, will not only follow in her father's footsteps but also carve her own path in the annals of Spain's military history. Despite the option for a salary, Leonor has chosen not to claim it, highlighting her commitment to service over personal gain.

Spanish Royals Attend a Military Event in Zaragoza

The ceremony was a poignant moment for the Spanish royal family, with King Felipe, Queen Letizia, and Infanta Sofia (Leonor's sister) all in attendance, showcasing their solidarity. The allegations and rumors, while casting a shadow, did not deter the family from celebrating this significant milestone.

Looking Ahead: The Royal Family's Stance

As the dust settles on the day's events, the Spanish royal family's message is clear - unity in the face of adversity. With Queen Letizia's elegant presence and King Felipe's supportive gestures, the family is determined to rise above the fray, focusing on their duties and the future of their daughters.

The controversy surrounding Jaime Del Burgo's claims adds another layer to the complex narrative of Spain's royal family. Yet, as they have shown time and again, they remain steadfast, with their eyes set firmly on the future.

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