The Inbetweeners is a British sitcom that ran from 2008-2010 for a total of 3 seasons. "Jay Cartwright" is one of the main characters and is depicted as the liar of the group when it comes to experiences he has had. Usually these lies would include the amount of girls he has dated, what he gets up to in his spare time, and just about anything that makes him look good to his group. But what is the actor up to today? 

James Buckley and Clair Meek

The Inbetweeners star today

Since the show, James Buckley's appearance has changed considerably with him now looking much older due to his facial hair and his hair now being brown rather than blonde. Since The Inbetweeners the star has kept focusing on comedic roles and has starred in White Gold, besides this he has had no other major roles. 

Buckley married former model Clair Meek in 2012 and they have 2 sons together.