• 'ALF' star Benji Gregory has died
  • He succumbs to vehicular heatstroke 
  • Gregory was 46

On the fateful day of June 13, Gregory's lifeless body was discovered in his car, parked outside a Chase Bank in Peoria, Arizona. Reports from 'TMZ' suggest a poignant scene: Gregory, alongside his loyal service dog, Hans, succumbed to vehicular heatstroke. It's believed he had fallen asleep in the car after visiting the bank to deposit checks the day before.

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A battle behind the smile

Rebecca Hertzberg-Pfaffinger, Gregory's older sister, shared with 'TMZ' the battles her brother faced behind his bright on-screen persona. Gregory struggled with depression, bipolar disorder, and a sleep disorder that tormented him with sleepless nights. These revelations add a layer of depth to the tragedy, highlighting the unseen struggles Gregory endured.

Despite the tragic end, Benji Gregory's legacy as "Brian Tanner" on 'ALF' remains undiminished. The show, a cultural phenomenon in the late '80s, followed the misadventures of "Gordon Shumway," an extraterrestrial who crash-lands into the "Tanner "family's garage. Gregory's portrayal of the young Tanner" son captured the imagination of a generation. News of a potential 'ALF' reboot in 2018 stirred excitement among fans, though plans were eventually shelved.

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