• Princess Eugenie looks a lot like THIS royal
  • Eugenie is the eldest daughter of Sarah Ferguson
  • The 34-year-old Princess is a mother of two

Princess Eugenie, the younger daughter of Sarah Ferguson, shares more than just royal blood with her ancestors. At 34, the resemblance she bears to her great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, is nothing short of remarkable. From their deep chestnut hair to their captivating eyes and similar facial structures, it's like looking through a historical mirror!

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A bond beyond time

Though the Queen Mother passed away when Eugenie was just a tender age of 12, their bond was beautifully evident. Photographs from the late '90s capture moments of affection between Eugenie and her great-grandmother, showcasing a relationship that transcended generations.

Eugenie's admiration doesn't stop with the Queen Mother. Her heartfelt tribute to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, during the Platinum Jubilee, reveals the depth of her royal connections. Eugenie's words reflect a blend of personal love and public admiration, highlighting the unique position she holds within the royal family.

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Beyond Eugenie: Other royal lookalikes

The royal family's history is rich with lookalike tales, and Eugenie isn't the only one. Lady Louise's resemblance to Queen Charlotte is another stunning example of royal genetics playing its fascinating role across centuries. Despite never meeting, their shared traits remind us of the enduring legacy within the royal lineage.

Queen Charlotte's marriage to King George III was not just a union of hearts but of musical talents as well. Their shared love for the flute and harp symbolizes a harmonious blend of interests and duties, a theme that resonates throughout royal history.