• Gordon Ramsay is an accomplished Michelin-star chef
  • He is best know for his fiery character and TV personality
  • Here are ten lesser-known facts about him

Before he began his legendary career as a chef, his first job was as a pot washer at a local Indian restaurant! No doubt, it was a quick transition from that to getting behind the stove himself. But here's another amazing fact about the incredible chef Ramsay:

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most fascinating characters around

Gordon had the talent and desire to become a professional soccer player, and was even playing for Glasgow Rangers at one point. One of the biggest football clubs in Scotland could have easily had Ramsay in their ranks were it not for an injury!

Also interesting:

He once threw Joan Collins out of his restaurant after her date, a food critic, heavily criticized his cooking! Talk about taking a tough stance...

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