If you are into reality television shows you probably remember the MTV classic 16 and Pregnant, the show about a group of teenage girls who struggle with the unexpected situation that pregnancy carries out at a very young age. The first season of the show was released in 2009 and one of the first teenagers that we got to know was Farrah Abraham, a Nebraska girl whose pregnancy carried issues between her and her family, and who had to resign to some of her personal passions. Farrah Abraham came to prominence after appearing in 16 and Pregnant and in its spin-off Teen Mom, and since then she hasn't stopped receiving public attention. But what is she up to now and what has she done since her last appearance in 16 and Pregnant?

Farrah Abraham - her life before and during 16 and Pregnant

The reality-star had a humble beginning in the MTV show, before being pregnant she lived a pretty normal life as an average high school student where she was involved in cheerleading, and she also had a part-time job. However, during the show MTV audiences could see her journey towards motherhood which was not always beautiful but also a bit chaotic as she had a very tumultuous relationship with her mom, as well as a confusing one with her boyfriend Derek Underwood. But it seems that everything was worth it when her beautiful daughter Sophia was born on February 23rd, 2009!

Farrah Abraham's life after 16 and Pregnant

Farrah Abraham is more than a mom and a reality star! A couple of years after baby Sophia was born, Farrah attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida and got a degree in culinary arts and management, eventually launching her own pasta sauce line. Then in 2012 she pursued her career as a singer and released her debut album My Teenage Dream Endedand in 2014 she returned to television as part of the cast in Couples Therapya show about reality television performers receiving relationship counseling. However, she became the only cast member in the series' history to continue therapy without a partner, after Brian Dawe claimed that he was hired by Farrah to appear as her on-screen boyfriend.

Farrah Abraham has become a public figure and a successful businesswoman in the last few years. She recently launched Culture by Farrah, a line of safe and non-toxic cannabis-based skin care products, diminishing stigmas not only about being a teen parent, but also about the responsible use of cannabis for medical purposes.

The 16 and Pregnant star Farrah Abraham in five sentences

-Derek Underwood, her boyfriend of 2 years and father of her child, died in a car accident almost two months before Sophia was born

-She is often spotted at nightlife venues and exclusive events around the world

-She is an avid writer and would like to turn her passion into a screenplay

-She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother representing the United States

-She is one of the most active celebrities on social media! As of today, she has given almost 3 thousand Instagram updates and has more than 2 million followers