• 2 Broke Girls was a popular American sitcom
  • Beth Behrs was one of the stars of the show
  • Her career has been blossoming since the show ended

"Caroline" had financial problems in the series and had to make ends meet as a waitress in a diner. Alongside her best friend "Max", Beth always gave us funny moments and lots of laughs. Unlike her character, Beth's career is going great. Since her role in 2 Broke Girls she has gained worldwide fame and quickly won the hearts of millions of fans.

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The talented Beth Behrs is truly a sight to behold on the screen, and her charisma has helped her rise to the very top in the world of television. During her time on 2 Broke Girls she was able to land more film and television roles. For example, she lent her voice to the character "Carrie" in Monsters University...

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