• Kaley Cuoco is an American screen actress
  • Cuoco is mostly recognized as "Penny" on The Big Bang Theory 
  • She is one of Hollywood's most esteemed faces

Kaley has been acting for many years now and has collaborated with some of Hollywood's biggest names. She is always a real crowd-pleaser, and here for you now are seven things most people probably didn't know about the wonderful Kaley Cuoco:

Kaley Cuoco is simply the whole entire package

Let's start with a fact that will surely please the chef inside of you. #1: She has food in her blood! Her last name is Italian and it means "cook". Kayley is a self-confessed "bad cook", but she certainly loves to try new things in the kitchen!

Also interesting:

Moving onto our next fact, you may be surprised to find out Kaley has a knack for playing sports as well. #2: Before making it as an actress, Kaley was ranked as an amateur tennis player in the United States...

Watch the video above to learn more!