• Tina Turner was a music icon
  • Privately things were not easy for her
  • She had to fight her way through THESE problems

Here now is a look at Tina Turner's difficult past. Her career began in the sixties, with her ex-husband Ike Turner. He played in the band Kings of Rhythm. During performances, he brought women from the audience onto the stage for a singing interlude, and that is how Tina Turner got the opportunity to prove her talent on stage.

Tina's voice was a force to be reckoned with

Thanks to her impressive voice Tina Turner became an integral part of the band. In the 1960s, the couple had their first music chart successes as Ike and Tina Turner. At the time, it looked to the outside world as if Tina Turner had the perfect life, but the dark side of the singer's story was revealed in her memoirs.

Also interesting:

It turned out that during her marriage and working relationship with Ike, she was subjected to his violent outbursts. In 1976, Tina Turner filed for divorce...

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