• Ian McKellen is a legendary British screen and stage actor
  • He is mostly known for his work as "Gandalf" in the The Lord of the Rings film saga
  • McKellen looked very different in his younger days

Ian McKellen has been in the film business since his twenties and has landed many roles since then. He was not only one of the main characters in those trilogies, but also in the "X-Men" saga and many more others. In the early days of his career, McKellen was certainly full of talent, but looked quite different back then.

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Ian McKellen Is What Legends Are Made Of

Ian McKellen

Would you have recognized him here? This is the actor in the 1970s at the age of 39 - long before his breakthrough! Sir Ian McKellen used to look pretty good, and certainly had the acting chops all along. Even if the actor only achieved huge success in his later years, today he is a true Hollywood legend!

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