• Aaron Carter has died
  • He was only 34 years old
  • The first information is below

Aaron Carter († 34) is dead. This was reported by TMZ on November 5th. Accordingly, the singer died on Saturday at his home in California. He was found dead in his bathtub and an investigation was launched.

Aaron Carter: His Life

Aaron Carter became first known through his big brother Nick Carter. He was celebrated in the nineties with the boy band Backstreet Boys. Aaron did the same as his brother and released his first album Aaron Carter at the age of nine. Incredibly successful years in the music business followed. He was also in front of the camera for several guest appearances on TV.

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After that, things got quieter around Aaron Carter. In 2013, the singer starred in the off-Broadway musical Fantasticks. In the same year, Aaron Carter went on a big comeback tour in North America, after which he gave concerts in Canada and Europe.

Despite the success, the singer fell into a downward spiral. Since then, he has only been in the headlines because of his questionable behavior. The brother of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter has struggled with mental health issues since childhood. 

Aaron Carter: His Fate

Aaron Carter accused his mother of giving him the drug Xanax when he was a child. The anxiety medication was supposed to help him function on stage. In addition, Aaron Carter is said to have repeatedly struggled with money problems. 

His twenties were marked by serious alcohol and drug abuse, a dangerous eating disorder and an HIV test on live television, which fortunately turned out negative. 

He recently made headlines with new allegations against his family: "My sister raped me from the age of 10 to 13 years old when she wasn’t on her medications," he wrote on Twitter about his sister Leslie Carter, who also died much too young– at the age of only 25.

He was also abused by two of his background dancers at the age of eight. That's why he had to go into therapy for years. 

Aaron Carter: He suffered from Schizophrenia

In the fall of 2019, Aaron explained on the US show The Doctors that he suffered from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and that he was manic-depressive and had anxiety attacks.

Nick obtained a restraining order against his brother in September 2019, because Aaron allegedly threatened to kill Nick's pregnant girlfriend and the baby.

Backstreet Boys commemorate Aaron Carter 

Just a day after Aaron Carter's death, his older brother Nick Carter was back on stage with the Backstreet Boys. The '90s cult band is currently on their DNA World Tour.

On November 6th the Backstreet Boys played in London. A photo of Aaron during the concert was recorded there. Nick Carter couldn't hold back his tears and let his emotions run free on stage.