• Movies and their stars don't always work out
  • Many A-list names have been fired while filming
  • Watch our video to learn who — and why!

The entertainment industry is no exception to the real world when it comes to job security. There have been plenty of big-name actors who have been cut from a film for various reasons. Let's start with Megan Fox. Without a doubt one of the most attractive women in the business, who was boosted into the spotlight after her participation in Transformers.

These Stars Got Fired From Movies: Megan Fox

Unfortunately, Megan Fox was unable to work on the third installment of the Transformers franchise due to executive producer, Steven Spielberg, rejecting her for a series of comments Fox made about the director Michael Bay.

Actors Who Were Fired While Filming

Another star who was fired and cut from their role is Ryan Gosling. The heartthrob lost the chance to appear in the cast credits of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones after arriving on set several pounds heavier than when Jackson hired him. Unfortunately, he had a completely different idea of the character than the director did.

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