• Addison Rae's parents recently split
  • Her mother is newly in love with rapper Yung Gravy
  • An embarrassing incident now causes fans to shake their heads

Everything is over between Addison Rae's (21) parents. After her father's alleged affair, her mother is now dating rapper Yung Gravy. But as if the end of their marriage wasn't sad enough, one embarrassing action follows the other. Addison's fans are concerned.

Addison Rae's parents cause embarrassment

Addison's mother Sheri Nicole kissed Yung Gravy in front of the cameras at the MTV Video Music Awards. Shortly before, her father Monty Lopez flexed his muscles on TikTok and challenged the rapper to a boxing match.

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Indeed, Addison seems to have anything but condoning the behavior of her parents during this public separation.

After unfollowing her father on Instagram in June, she has now distanced herself from her mother on the platform. Especially for her two little brothers Enzo and Lucas, it is to be hoped that Sheri and Monty will soon come to their senses. It remains exciting to see what Addison's family life will look like in the future.