• Kanye West continues to cause trouble
  • His former sponsor Adidas is being sued
  • The reason is antisemitic remarks that rapper made last year

Kanye had it all for a while. He had a long-standing partnership with Adidas, which has since ended as well. But their story didn't end there. Because Adidas shareholders filed a class-action lawsuit against the brand. They're blaming Adidas of failing to warn investors about the antisemitism and "extreme behaviors" exhibited by Kanye.

Will Adidas concede?

In the lawsuit, shareholders say that Adidas "routinely ignored" his behavior as early as 2018. The company said in February that it expected to lose US$1.3 billion this year because it's unable to sell the designer's Yeezy clothing and shoes.

Also interesting:

Kanye's public persona doesn't help them much, but Adidas' lawyers are confident they can win the case.

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