• Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have had a complicated relationship
  • The two finally broke up recently
  • Kylie is now selling their shared home

The rapper and the socialite are no strangers to having their ups and downs as a couple. Although the two have had an on-off relationship from time to time in the past, they still lived in the same house, which can be like adding fuel to a fire! Despite that, the hope was always that they would end up together.

Kylie and Travis seem to really be done now!

But apparently their breakup is now final! Because Kylie is selling their shared home! They lived together for four years in a Beverly Hills mansion, for which Kylie is said to be asking a whopping $21.9 million. You can pick up your jaw now...

Also interesting:

Talk about expensive! At least that's what real estate listings state the offer for. And Kylie Jenner, who has two children with Travis, is said to have already taken possession of a new property...

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