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Chris Pratt Slammed By Ellen Page Over 'Anti-LGBTQ' Church Affiliation

The 44-year-old American singer songwriter, Ryan Adams has recently been accused of sexual misconduct and manipulative behaviour. Seven women have come forward expressing their trauma during their relationships with Adams. He has been accused of using his power in the music industry to "dangle career opportunities while simultaneously pursuing female artists for sex," according to The New York Times as well as subjecting these women to verbal and emotional abuse and harassment in texts and through social media. Ryan Adams has denied all claims and allegations through his lawyer at this time.

Mandy Moore Opens Up

Since these allegations have come to light, Ryan Adams' ex-wife of six years, Mandy Moore, has opened up about their marriage. Moore explains that her life with Adams was full of pain and loneliness and she has come forward as one of the seven women accusing Ryan Adams of being "manipulative, controlling and obsessive," according to People. Mandy Moore said that her ex-husband took control over her music career during a pivotal time in her life. He discouraged her from working with other managers and producers and replaced her with other female artists. 

Finding A Support System

Mandy Moore has also described Adams as "psychologically abusive" as he belittled her musical talent and abilities. She was lucky to get out of the toxic relationship but the road getting there has not been easy. She described her divorce as "painful" but is now so grateful to have found love with new husband of three months, Taylor Goldsmith. Moore has said that the seven women that came forward have been able to connect and find a support system in one another with what they experienced with Adams. "What you experience with him - the treatment, the destructive, manic sort of back and forth behavior - feels so exclusive, you feel like there's no way other people have been treated like this," according to The New York Times. Realizing that they are not alone, these women have chosen to speak out about their traumatic, life-changing experiences with Ryan Adams, in the hopes of protecting others and moving forward.