Amy Schumer tried to brighten the gloomy Friday morning of her fans on Instagram. She did so with a topical joke about the many coronavirus cancellations - of events, media productions, and sports leagues.

But the comedian and actress put a fun spin on the cancellations. See her Instagram video below.

Coronavirus cancellations: Amy Schumer's take on the situation

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In the video, Schumer lists some of her own events that she'd like to cancel.

"Hey guys, so I just found out that me going to the gym today was cancelled," Schumer says in the video. "You guys know I love going to the gym but I can't make it. It's cancelled. I was supposed to see my mom. Mom, I'm so sorry, that's got to be cancelled."

She went on: "Worst of all, I was supposed to kind of eat better today and that's been cancelled. Everybody just be safe, wash your hands and it's all cancelled."

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Amy Schumer and husband Chris Fischer staying healthy

While she was having some harmless fun, Schumer's Instagram video is correct. Virtually everything has been cancelled already, from new movie releases to professional sports leagues.

Jennifer Aniston and Katie Couric were among the stars to like and comment on Schumer's video. The popular comedian - who has nearly 10 million Instagram followers - is known for the sketch series Inside Amy Schumer, as well as the films Trainwreck and I Feel Pretty.

Schumer married chef Chris Fischer in 2018. The couple had their first child in 2019.