• Anamaria Goltes is the girlfriend of Luka Doncic
  • She's a model and often posts on Instagram
  • Mavericks fans are loving her latest photo

Luka Doncic's girlfriend is his biggest supporter. The Dallas Mavericks star is dating Anamaria Goltes, who is a star model and Instagrammer in her own right. And her latest IG post really has Mavericks fans talking.

Anamaria Goltes wore another Luka Doncic tribute

Anamaria Goltes shared a new Instagram selfie. And in what's becoming a trend, her outfit featured a sweet tribute to her NBA boyfriend. A cute "77" heart is stitched on to her hoodie. That's Luka Doncic's jersey number, if you haven't caught on yet.

Luka Doncic's girlfriend Anamaria Goltes

Dallas Mavericks fans sure noticed Anamaria's fashion statement. They stormed her Instagram comment section: "Go Mavs" and "Luka is the best," fans wrote. "Gorgeous Ana! Oh and I love your hoodie," commented another user.

Also interesting:

It's not the first time Luka Doncic's model girlfriend has worked his NBA style into her fashion, either. She recently wore a #77 jean jacket which also earned high praise from Mavs fans.

Luka and Anamaria, who are both from Slovenia, have known each other for a long time. After an on-again/off-again period, they've now been a couple for the last few years.