Andy Cohen is prioritizing his health! The talk-show host's longtime personal trainer has revealed this week that Cohen has achieved his fittest physique so far! He is prioritizing his fitness and now has a very "ripped" body.

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"Andy does look [more] ripped than ever before, and I’m super happy about this. I will say I didn’t dramatically change [the] exercise routine. I think that Andy [prioritizes] his health right now more, and his healthy lifestyle, and he [started] eating cleaner, healthier. He cut down on drinking as well," Kravchenko told Bravo Insider.

 Andy Cohen shows off his "ripped" physique

His trainer added that since Andy became a father to baby Ben, he has been focused more on having a healthy lifestyle. Cohen also made the decision to stop drinking cocktails while hosting Watch What Happens Live in mid-July 2019 which has made quite the difference. 

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We are very pleased for Andy Cohen and proud of his hard work and dedication to leading and healthy, balanced lifestyle.