We hadn't heard from Dame Angela Lansbury in a little while, but that changed as the legendary actress turned 96 years old this weekend. 

Lansbury had special plans for the big day, and she opened up about the celebration in a rare new interview.

Angela Lansbury's new interview on her 96th birthday

On Friday, Lansbury told Closer magazine how she would be spending the milestone day, which fell on Oct. 16.

She said: "I feel fortunate, indeed, to be able to celebrate with my dearest family here in California." So it was a sunny 96th birthday party for the British acting icon.

Lansbury hasn't acted on screen since 2018, and new interviews have also become quite rare. But the new piece did shed light on what she's been up to recently.

Closer says that Lansbury is spending her days with family and friends around the world in California, New York, and Ireland.

Angela Lansbury just celebrated her 96th birthday in 2021.

The 96-year-old didn't give an update on any new roles, but the interview did revisit this Lansbury quote from a few years ago about her disinterest in retiring: "I'll probably pass away with one hand on my script," she once said.

So, it would appear we should never say never when it comes to seeing the legendary Murder, She Wrote actress on screen again. 

Happy 96th, Angela! You can also click here for a look at what Lansbury's been doing lately.

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