• India Arie is withdrawing her music from Spotify
  • She has a grievance with Spotify because of Joe Rogan's recent comments
  • Her issue is with racial discussions on his podcast

This is down to the fact that Rogan has the most listened-to podcast in the world, and some famous faces like Neil Young have pulled their music from Spotify in protest. But this week, singer India Arie has pulled her music from Spotify for another reason that also has a lot to do with Joe Rogan.

Another Celebrity Against Joe Rogan

The singer took to her Instagram to explain her reason for leaving the platform to her fans. She takes issue with Rogan's stance on race relations in America, after Rogan said on his latest podcast episode that: “the term ‘Black’ is weird” unless “you’re talking to someone who is 100 percent African from the darkest place where they are not wearing any clothes all day.” Comments that didn't sit very well with many.

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This is just the latest controversy to plague Joe Rogan in recent weeks, and it hasn't been a great 2022 for him so far! Arie maintains that her decision is about respect and demanding more accountability from public figures with global platforms like Joe Rogan, who broadcasts to millions of listeners every week:

"CLARITY: The music industry is abusive. sexist. racist. agesit ~ AMPLIFIED and UNCHECKED. THIS is not an opinion. THIS IS WISDOM. this streaming model is but ONE area that needs to be torn down amd rebuilt with RESPECT for the artists AT THE FORE!", she added on Twitter.

However, it's not the first time that Rogan finds himself in hot water for racially charged opinions, with some users on Instagram being quick to point out past comments where Rogan might have been found wanting on other podcasts he was a guest on. All that being said, Spotify has not made any statement on the controversy and they likely never will.

And so, it looks like Rogan has split Hollywood in two halves: those that support him, and those that want to cancel him. With the court of public opinion weighing in, it's likely that this story isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

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