• Ariana Grande is releasing a new album
  • It comes after her split from Dalton Gomez
  • Fans have been speculating about the lyrics

Hollywood is buzzing with the latest celebrity split that's got everyone talking! Ariana and Dalton, the once picture-perfect couple, have hit a major chord of discord. Fans are left picking up the pieces of their shattered love story.

The Plot Thickens!

Whispers turned to roars when it emerged that Ari's extended stay in England – all in the name of cinema – might've played the villain in this love tale. The distance, the silence, the absence... it all added up to one thing: Trouble in paradise!

"It was like a scene straight out of a tragic romance flick," an insider spilled. "They were living separate lives, worlds apart, connected only by the faintest of heartstrings."

The distance was more than just miles; it was a chasm that not even the sweetest of love songs could bridge.

Neither Ari nor Dalton have belted out any statements, leaving fans to read between the lines. But the silence speaks volumes, doesn't it?

The whispers of their marital mishaps have now crescendoed into a full-blown symphony of speculation.

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As Ari wows on the big screen, her personal life has taken a stage dive. The couple's split is a stark reminder that even stars can't escape the gravity of real-life drama.

Will they find their way back to each other, or is this the final curtain call on their duet?