Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren showed once again that they are not only colleagues but also good friends! The three actors and Hollywood action legends joked on a video that Sylvester Stallone shared on his Instagram account where he wrote "Men that refuse to grow up. Actually why bother??? We’re having fun! Grow old UNgracfullly!!!!!! @schwarzenegger @dolphlundgren"

They all have the same sense of humor

Fans were really delighted to see Sylvester Stallone saying that his hand looked better than Schwarzenegger's face, to which he replied: "Sly thinks his hand looks better than my face? Look at how handsome I am! Look at Dolph! Look at this beauty here! He cannot stand it to have so many beautiful guys around him!", while Dolph Londgren only laughed.

Co-stars on screen, friends in real life

Stallone (73), Schwarzenegger (71) and Lundgren (61) have worked together in several action movies like The Expendables franchise, where they also shared credits with Jean-Claude Van Damme. This is not the fist time that they have been spotted together as friends. Fans all over the world believe that -regardless of their age- the three of them look amazing, especially when they are together!