• Ashley Tisdale rose to fame with High School Musical
  • She is now the mother of a baby girl
  • She wants to protect her child from THIS

Ashley Tisdale fears for her daughter and her future. The actress has a daughter named Jupiter with composer Christopher French. She herself worked on Broadway as a child before she rose to fame as "Sharpay Evans" in High School Musical.

Ashley Tisdale is a protective momma

She had a very successful run in the show and is a beloved celebrity today with an enviable career. However, Tisdale revealed that she "hopes" her daughter doesn't follow in her footsteps as she wants a "normal childhood" for her. The pressures of showbusiness can certainly be daunting!

Also interesting:

When People magazine asked her if her daughter's future should mirror her life she said: "I hope not! I mean, honestly, I am someone who has been in the business since I was three years old, and so for me, I just want her to have a very normal childhood [...]"

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