• Alison Brie and Dave Franco have been married since 2017
  • The two met during Mardi Gras in 2011
  • Franco is a hidden romantic!

Dave Franco is revealing the sweet way he proposed to his now-wife Alison Brie while on The Late Late Show, and showed that he's secretly quite the romantic! 

Brie and Franco met during a trip to New Orleans in 2011 during the famous Mardi Gras celebration, and Franco revealed they were playful and flirty the whole time!

Dave Franco tried to be romantic, confused Alison Brie instead

During his appearance on The Late Late Show, Franco wasn't ashamed to admit that even though he tried to show off a super romantic side, he ended up confusing the Community actress instead.

Dave Franco and Alison Brie attend the Los Angeles advanced screening of IFC's "The Rental" 

During their fun weekend at Mardi Gras, Franco said that Brie had a silver mask, which he kept trying to steal.

"I would try to take it from her, she wouldn't let me take it. It was this playful back-and-forth," he said. At the end of their trip, Brie left the mask with the young hopeless romantic, with a little note written inside for Franco, which he kept for four years when he decided to incorporate it in his proposal.

In Big Sur, Califonia, Franco said he brought the mask and a $10 placeholder ring he bought from a vintage store. He explained, "So, we go up to Big Sur, we're on the back patio, she's out overlooking the ocean. She turns around, I'm on one knee, I'm wearing the mask, I'm holding up the ring. "

The Afterparty actor continued, "Because it had been five years, she couldn't place the mask. She didn't know what it was."

"So, what she sees is me wearing this weird, stupid mask, holding up this janky stone ring," he laughed. "And so, the entire proposal is her saying, 'What is happening right now?' And it's me trying to explain how sweet it is that I kept the mask for five years."

The future for the couple is exciting! The two are working together on a new Amazon romantic-comedy film, Somebody I Used To Know. The film will be directed by Franco, and Brie has the lead role. The couple also co-wrote the script together! How adorable!