• Elisabeth Moss has announced her pregnancy
  • This will be the actress' first child
  • HERE is how the big reveal happened

Elisabeth Moss has managed to captivate the imagination of audiences all over the world thanks to memorable performances in shows like 'Handmaid's Tale', 'Mad Men' and movies like 'The Invisible Man.' But now fans are raving about something else entirely. Elisabeth is going to be a mom for the very first time!

A rolling Moss gathers no stone

"Are you pregnant or just an incredibly committed method actor?" Kimmel asked Moss. She replied, "Little bit of both."

"Congratulations," Kimmel said. "It’s been going really well," Moss said

"I've been really lucky," the glowing mom-to-be shared with the charismatic host, Jimmy Kimmel. Her pregnancy journey has been smooth sailing, and though she's keeping the due date under wraps, her enthusiasm is contagious!

Moss asked Kimmel for advice on parenting, since he has four kids of his own. "You know, actually, I will tell you. My wife got great advice from Bill Murray when she was pregnant," he said about his wife, Molly McNearney. Murray had told them to set the mood in the hospital room with Christmas lights, music and battery-powered candles because the lighting is terrible, Kimmel joked.

"It’s Walmart-style lighting for this blessed event that’s going to happen. And you don’t want that right?" he said.

"I think that’s a really good list, I like that," Moss said.

Elisabeth's journey...

Despite playing a character in a dystopian nightmare where motherhood is a mandate, Elisabeth's real-life motherhood aspirations are filled with hope and joy. She's been candid about her plans to become a mom, a dream she's harbored since her 2018 interview with 'Marie Claire UK'.

"I do want to be a mother," Elisabeth confessed, inspired by the legacy of love and wisdom her own mother passed down to her. While she admits that parenting isn't everyone's cup of tea, it seems the idea has grown on her, and she's ready to embark on this beautiful journey.

As a child, Elizabeth did not plan to become an actress, she was much more fond of dancing and studied at the School of American Ballet. However, the more roles she received, the more clearly it became clear that the girl was waiting for an acting career. For many years, Elizabeth honed her dancing skills, and as a teenager, she even went to New York to enter the famous ballet school.

The TV series 'Mad Men' helped her really become famous. She brought to the screen the image of "Peggy Olson". She was a girl who changed before the eyes of the audience along with the development of the plot, very advanced for her time and never ceases to amaze. 

The two-time Emmy winner did not disclose further details of her pregnancy, including her due date. Moss fueled pregnancy speculation in December after she was spotted rubbing her belly stomach on the set of her latest project in Los Angeles.

The actress was dressed in an oversized plain gray T-shirt and black sweats and appeared to be in a chipper mood as she laughed and spoke with those around her.

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What's the plan? There is no plan! Elisabeth's approach to motherhood is refreshingly open-ended. "I have no idea how I want to do it though or what the plan is," she admitted. But isn't that the beauty of parenthood? Each step is a surprise, each moment a new adventure!

Fans and fellow celebs alike are showering the star with well-wishes as she prepares for her most important role yet – being a mother. And we can't wait to see her take on this new chapter with the same grace and strength she brings to the screen.