• Basic Instinct is a classic thriller
  • The film launched Sharon Stone into stardom
  • It's best remembered for its steamy love scenes

Everyone can remember their first time watching the film, specially the boys! The film is all about a murder case in which crime writer "Catherine Tramell" appears to be involved. The ice-cold femme fatale pulls investigator "Nick Curran" completely under her spell. We'll tell you what the actors of the film, Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, and others are doing today.

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Basic Instinct Defined A Generation Of Films

'Basic Instinct': What Happened To The Cast?

Thanks to her landmark performance, actress Sharon Stone became known worldwide as the femme fatale "Catherine Tramell". The film's interrogation scene in particular attracted a lot of attention. For Sharon, it was the best thing that could have happened to her even though at the time she wasn't all too pleased with what she had to do for it!

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