• Erika Eleniak is a famous model and actress
  • She played "Shauni" on Baywatch
  • This is what she's up to today

In the late eighties, Erika Eleniak graced countless Playboy covers and was one of the most popular Playmates in the US. The star was also very talented and would use her modeling career as a springboard to Hollywood. From 1989 to 1992 Erika would become a fan favorite playing the role of "Shauni McClain" in Baywatch. The blonde was engaged during her time on Baywatch to co-star Billy Warlock, who played "Eddie Kramer". However, the two separated in 1992 and Erika left the series.

Baywatch: This Is Erika Eleniak Today

Baywatch: This Is Erika Eleniak Today

After Baywatch, the actress tried to make a name for herself in the film business but didn't experience much success. She would go on to take part in various reality shows and pick up guest roles in series like Desperate Housewives. More recently, Erika is keeping busy sharing positive life experiences on her own blog and being a mother.

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