She is one of the reasons 'Baywatch' was so great!

'Baywatch': Where Is Carmen Electra Today?

Carmen Electra

Ahhh, Baywatch. We know that every teenage boy secretly watched every episode of this wet and sexy 45 minute TV masterpiece, and who could blame them? With stars like Pamela Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth and Carmen Electra, both the ladies and the gentlemen were practically forced to stare... 

Carmen Electra almost instantly became a staple of the Baywatch series despite her short one-year run on the show. After leaving the show in 1998, Electra did, in fact, decide to move on to bigger and better things, but one thing still remained: her beauty!

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The former Baywatch cast member still looks as fine as ever, but, to be honest, what else did you expect? Let's take a look at what our favorite red-suited lifeguard is up to today! 

Carmen Electra in Baywatch

Carmen Electra is just as much a stunner today as she was back then!

Have a look at how gorgeous Carmen Electra looks today in our video above!